Community Service Work Study Program

What can you do about poverty, homelessness, hunger, inequality, violence, pollution and ignorance?  Use your federal work study allotment to work for a local non-profit and get paid to do something you believe in!

Community Partners

  • Battered Women's Services
  • Catharine Street Community Center
  • Child Care Council of Dutchess and Putnam
  • Children's Media Project
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension - Green Teen and Relatives as Parents Programs
  • Dutchess Outreach
  • Dutchess Reentry Project
  • Exploring College - Poughkeepsie High School
  • Family Services Afterschool Programs - Clinton & Krieger Elementary
  • Grace Smith House
  • Poughkeepsie Farm Project
  • Poughkeepsie High School
  • Poughkeepsie Middle School - V.A.S.T. and Project Thunder
  • Project More
  • Relatives as Parents Program (RAPP)
  • R.E.A.L. Skills Network
  • Rural and Migrant Ministry
  • Sprout Creek Farm
  • Vassar-Warner Home
  • Vassar English Language Learner Outreach Program (VELLOP) - Poughkeepsie High School

Community Service Work Study

Administered by the Financial Aid Office, the Community Service Work Study Program provides 50 paid student employment positions to qualified students who wish to work off-campus at non-profit agencies.  The program is funded partially through  federal work-study funds, and partially through Vassar's institutional funding in support of community outreach.  Community Service Work Study positions are meant to provide enriching experiences for both our partners and the students working there.

How to Apply

First, contact the Financial Aid Office to verify that you have a federal work study allotment as part of your financial aid package.  Then, apply for the position entitled Community Assistant through Ask Banner - Online Job Placement.  Finally, make an appointment with Brianne Balzer, Assistant Director of Financial Aid/Student Employment, who will work with you to find your preferred off-campus site and make the placement.


Students are permitted to work 8-10 hours per week, depending on class year.  Once placed with an organization, students are encouraged to continue working there each year they return to Vassar, as continuity fosters sustainable relationships.


The Poughkeepsie Shuttle route reaches many agency sites.  Other sites are within walking/biking distance of the campus.  When these options are not feasible, the college has contracted with a local taxi company to provide transportation for CSWS students.